May 4, 2016

Over the past few months, our Every Nation Music team has been working on an exciting new project that will catalyze our movement into a season of growth — in our community, our cause, and our creativity. We’ve named this project Doxology. Our hope is that the project be an extension that further encapsulates and solidifies our vision. In order to capture this vision, we interviewed our Every Nation Music director and Doxology producer, Justin Gray.

Interviewer: So, what does the word “doxology” mean?

Justin: Doxology means “liturgical form of praise to God.”

Interviewer: How does the word “doxology” relate to Every Nation Music?

Justin: Well, in terms of the word “liturgical,” it’s similar to a word like “pattern.” Every movement has it’s own unique pattern in terms of how it engages God and how it does community. Essentially Every Nation Music is establishing a pattern for our movement: for our music community, our worship leaders, our songwriters, and our musicians to know what it’s like to communicate the mission, vision, and values of Every Nation as a movement. Our goal is hopefully to capture — in song and through a worship experience — what it means for us in terms of our pattern of worship to God.

With our diversity — us being a global movement, us really being passionate about celebrating the nations and the various sounds that come out of those nations — we have a unique opportunity to really express through Every Nation Music something that is reflective of who God is and what His church should be.

Interviewer: How would you describe Every Nation Music to the next generation?

Justin: I would describe Every Nation Music to the next generation by saying that it’s a community of songwriters, musicians, and worship leaders who have a passion and understand the vision of our Every Nation movement. But it’s really communicated in three very specific ways: through the message, the mission, and the mastery of what we do through music.

The message obviously has to do with theological depth. We want to make sure that we’re engaging the Word of God and really challenging those in our community to think deeply about what God’s Word says about who He is and how we relate to one another in this community.

We also want to make sure it captures the mission of who we are: that we’re a global movement, that we’re a diverse movement, that we’re local church oriented, and that our desire is to establish Christ-centered, Spirit-empowered, socially responsible churches and campus ministries in every nation. Our music should reflect that.

Lastly, it would be mastery. We want to be technically proficient. When we worship God, we want to do it to His glory and to the best of our abilities. So it’s making sure that we’re growing in our craft and developing our skills so that way we can be excellent in the things that we do.

Most importantly, I would say even beyond that it’s about having fun! It’s about developing relationships. It’s about, you know, getting to know brothers and sisters just from other continents and really being engaged in the local church context.

Interviewer: Sweet! What about the sound are you looking forward to?

Justin: More than anything, I’m looking forward to the diversity of this project. I think one of the really cool things about this project is that we were targeted in terms of what we wanted the end result of the sound and the message to be, but it came together very organically in that not everybody worships or engages God in the same way through their local church. But still, somehow it fits. That’s been really refreshing to just see everybody bring their unique expression from where they are in their local church context, and see it all come together the night of the recording — the relationships, the musicality of it. It’s just been really cool. I’m looking forward to the finished product.

Doxology will be released in October at our Every Nation World Conference in South Africa. Please stand alongside us in prayer for favor, unity, and creativity as our team works to complete and release this project. If you’d like to stay up to date on the progress of this project, you can subscribe to our upcoming newsletter and follow us on social media. #ENMusic

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Justin Gray

Justin is the director of Every Nation Music and has a wealth of experience in the music industry as well as in the local church. His experience includes writing and producing with artists such as Citipointe Live, 3WB (The Winans), Out of Eden, and Mary Mary.

Song Credits: "Heart Open Wide" (Doxology, 2016), "Wings" (Wings, 2015), "O Mighty One" (Doxology, 2016), "Doxology" (Doxology, 2016)

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