SONG OF THE MONTH: "Word Fulfilled"

April 20, 2018
Song of the Month

Words & Music by
Elle Cabiling, David Menezes, & Bryson Breakey
 © 2017 Every Nation Music

“We didn’t write this song ourselves, but we were present when it was written and first presented. I still remember the sense of God’s presence being so tangible during this song. It was one of those moments when you are ‘transported’ by the lyrics and melody to a place of sanctuary where it’s just you and God, where your heart can be completely open to what he wants to do in it. This song paints a picture of the cross and salvation where we can say that his body was beautifully broken for us—for restoration, healing, deliverance, relationship, and life.

This is the ‘reaction’ we see every time we have the privilege of leading this song, whether in our own congregation or outside of it. You see people meeting with their Savior anew. Having him come in and do a deeper and greater work in their hearts through the revelation of what he did for us all on the cross. The aim of this song is simple; remembrance, revelation, restoration.”

—Brian O’Neill (Worship Leader, Wholehearted)

Discussion Question:
Kelsie Saison

Kelsie is administrative assistant for Every Nation Music. A recent college grad, she studied music business and production at Belmont University. Kelsie serves on the worship team at Bethel World Outreach Church as a singer and keyboardist. In her free time, she loves painting, doing yoga, playing with her puppy, and making music with her band, Piña. Kelsie currently lives in Nashville, TN.

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