SONG OF THE MONTH: V O L . 1 Playlist

September 22, 2017
Song of the Month

V O L . 1

A playlist by 

Every Nation Music

© 2014—2015

V O L . 1 is a compilation of music written by our global community of songwriters from our series of EP's, One (2014), Wings (2015), and Find Rest (2015). This playlist features worship songs from Every Nation churches in the Philippines, USA, South Africa, and more!

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Discussion Question:
What's your favorite song on this playlist?
Kelsie Saison

Kelsie is administrative assistant for Every Nation Music. A recent college grad, she studied music business and production at Belmont University. Kelsie serves on the worship team at Bethel World Outreach Church as a singer and keyboardist. In her free time, she loves painting, doing yoga, playing with her puppy, and making music with her band, Piña. Kelsie currently lives in Nashville, TN.

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