April 20, 2017
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Words & Music by Pierre Smith & Brian O'Neill

© 2017 Wholehearted Music


"As a local church (Every Nation Somerset West), India has always been very near to our hearts. We've been sending teams there since around 2010. And when we launched our second album "Fearless Love,", we decided that we would love to do a campus tour to India. God orchestrated this through our relationship with Love-N-Care Ministries in Vishakhapatnam, that i’s headed up by Psastor Yesupadam and his wife Monica. Before we left for India, we wanted to write a prophetic song to sing over the country, — a declaration that would break down strongholds. The first thing that stood out to us was the fact that India is dominated by a religion that believes that there are millions of gods. So as we trusted God for words to sing over the country and it's students, our hearts were stirred to write a song that declares that there is ONE HOPE, ONE TRUTH, ONE WAY, ONE LIFE. And that all of this is found in Jesus, — the only way to the Father.

It impacted us all when we heard the testimony of one of the students that was in his dorm on the eve of our Campus Worship Night. He had studied world religions and decided that he would be an atheist. While in his room on campus, he heard the music and was drawn by the Spirit out of his room and to the front of the stage where he fell on his knees and accepted Christ as his Lord and Saviour.

These are the things that impact you as a songwriter. When you realise that you are partnering with God in HIS mission. And that we had nothing to do with the heart of that young man, but our obedience to the voice of God and declaring Hhis Ttruth over that campus did a work in the spirit that we couldn't see, but God had in mind all the time."

- Wholehearted Music


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Discussion Question:
Pierre Smith

Pierre, together his wife Helena, founded and lead the South African worship movement Wholehearted. Currently, they are the senior leaders of our Every Nation Somerset West Church, just outside of Cape Town South Africa, and have one daughter named Alika. Pierre served as the Productions Director for our EN2016 World Conference.

Song Credits: "We Stand In Awe" (Doxology, 2016)

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