SONG OF THE MONTH: no other fountain

February 15, 2017
Song of the Month


" N O   O T H E R   F O U N T A I N "

Written By Will Retherford

(Doxa Theo, Every Nation NYC)

2016 Awake Studios (Admin. by Watershed Music Group)

CCLI: 7066097


Doxa Theo Youtube Channel: 


  Doxa Theo is a liturgical band crafted by artists and worship leaders spread around the country who write songs and cultivate community within the art of worship. Doxa Theo was founded by singer/songwriter and worship leader, Will Retherford, from Every Nation NYC. Will wrote the song “No Other Fountain” based off of a prayer titled "Jesus My Glory" found in The Valley of Vision which is a prayer book formed by the Puritans in the 16th century. “No Other Fountain” can be found on Doxa Theo's first album titled Future Glory.

“No Other Fountain” has become a declaration for the Church, standing on the truth that Christ is a living fountain that gives us eternal life. Nothing in this world can satisfy us more than his love as we go to the Fountain for cleansing and drinking. This song has shown to be a staple that builds up the faith of a believer and encourages confession, faith, and hope in the promises of God.


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Discussion Question:
Will Retherford

Will Retherford is a worship leader at Every Nation Church NYC. When he's not singing with the Every Nation NYC Church, he manages, writes, and performs liturgical worship songs with his band, Doxa Theo. He and his wife are based in New York, USA.

Songwriter Credit: "No Other Fountain" (Song of the Month 2017)

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