December 16, 2016
Song of the Month

Written by

Pastor Will Smith II 

(Worship Pastor, Bethel World Outreach Church, U.S.A.)

Pictured: Bethel World Worship Choir, U.S.A. "If I could describe in one word the worship at Bethel World Outreach Church, I would say "unified". This brings a lot of other powerful words to mind that also describe Bethel World Worship! To God be the all the glory!"  -Pastor Will Smith II



 "Over a year ago, I was praying on my knees asking God to be such a visible part of my life that people would see Him even before they saw me. In other words, I prayed, "replace me with You [God]." I started quoting Matthew 5:16 which says, 

"Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven".

I translated that passage as letting God get glory through me. All that I had to do was ask and allow Him to take over! With this thought and prayer, I got up, sat at my piano, and began to play chords. I started singing and praying,

"I want to be close to You. I want to get lost in You. Take me to a place in You where I've never been before. Let me come see Your face and share in Your warm embrace. I want to be found in You. Lord I need You more!" 

From there I wrote and finished "Lord Take Over" in less than an hour. I envisioned the congregation singing and lifting their hands. It's amazing when a certain song comes your way with ease and simplicity and you actually get to see and feel publicly what you saw and felt when you wrote it privately! This song reminds me how much we need, and should desire God's Presence. Without it, we are hopeless.

"(Lord) Take Over" is a song of surrender, and we all have to come to this place in our lives.

                                       - Pastor Will Smith II

                                         Songwriter, "Lord Take Over"

                                         Worship Pastor, Bethel World Outreach Church, U.S.A.


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(Sung in English and Spanish)




I want to be close to You

I want to get lost in You

Take me to a place in You where I've never been before

Let me come see Your face and share in Your warm embrace

I want to be found in You, Lord I need You more


Let Your Spirit pour like rain

Let Your fire consume, and takeover me

I surrender all, I surrender all

Lord take over, Lord take over


Holy Spirit come and change us, Take over

You are welcome come and fill us, Take over




Me quiero acercar a ti (I want to be close to You)

Me quiero perder en ti (I want to get lost in You)

Llevame a un lugar en ti (Take me to place in You)

Donde nunca he ido yo (Where I've never been before)

Tu rostro quiero ver (Let me come see Your face)

En tus brazos permanecer (And share in Your warm embrace)

Señor renueva (I want to be found in You)

Necesito mas de Ti (Lord, I need You more)


Como lluvia cae sobre me (Let Your spirit pour like rain)

Como fuego ven y consume me (Let Your fire consume, and take over me)

Yo me rindo a ti, yo me rindo a ti (I surrender all, I surrender all)

Señor reina, reina sobre mi (Lord take over, Lord take over)


Espíritu Santo, bienvenido (Holy Spirit come and change us)

Saturate (Take over)

Te invito (You are welcome)

Ven y cambia mi corazón (Come and fill us, take over)

Discussion Question:
Will B. Smith II

Pastor Will is music director at Bethel World Outreach Church in Brentwood, TN. Pastor, writer, piano, and organ extraordinaire, Pastor Will exemplifies passion and excellence in all he puts his hands to. He and his family live in Tennessee, USA.

Songwriter Credits: "Watch Over Me" (Doxology 2016)

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