February 17, 2016
Weed Trimmer Cutting Grass

Every Tuesday morning, I sit in a coffee shop with some friends, and I talk about the pressures of life, the truth of scripture, and how we can reconcile the two. Without fail, I leave deeply inspired by my friends and challenged to think more deeply about how I live my life before God. Over the course of our hour together, it seems that our conversation often orbits this one question:

How can I best express my devotion to God?

One week, one of the guys shared his story about how he came to faith in Christ. He applied to work for a youth camp, and the only position open was for lawn care. His mentor challenged him to listen to sermon podcasts while he cut the grass. To make a long story short, he gave his life to Jesus while cutting the grass and listening to a sermon on his iPod. How’s that for a God encounter? Then the guy who challenged him said something like this:

There’s a lot of grass to cut. And there’s a good chance that no one will see the grass that you have worked on. But, because we do everything as unto God, you have to learn to cut the grass as if someone is always watching. Basically, he learned that cutting the grass with the right heart is an act of worship before God.

For a long time, this idea of worship was foreign to me. It seemed that the best way to express my devotion to God was to do one of the following:

  • Pray more
  • Read my Bible more
  • Sing more songs to God
  • Increase my time of bible meditation
  • Go to church more

And I tried all of these things —  some at different times of the week. Some over a long period of time. Other times, I’ve gone on monastic binges and tried to do all of these things at once. (Go big or go home…right?) What I found in these various attempts at answering the above question is that I only end up proving to myself how bad I am at keeping up with religious activities. I find that when my heart is not tuned in to God, I just go through the motions.

Devotion to God is probably best expressed when I spend time with Him (reading the Bible, praying, and going to church) and rehearsing His truth in my daily life. My devotion to God should be as evident in my work as it is in my prayer closet.

Whether you wield a guitar or a lawnmower, it’s all important because God sees your heart.

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Justin Gray

Justin is the director of Every Nation Music and has a wealth of experience in the music industry as well as in the local church. His experience includes writing and producing with artists such as Citipointe Live, 3WB (The Winans), Out of Eden, and Mary Mary.

Song Credits: "Heart Open Wide" (Doxology, 2016), "Wings" (Wings, 2015), "O Mighty One" (Doxology, 2016), "Doxology" (Doxology, 2016)

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